Fall Banquet
December 10th in CEHS MPR at 6:00pm
the Clovis FFA Chapter would like to cordially invite  you to attend our Annual Fall Potluck Banquet on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm.
Dinner will be served at no charge, however, since it is a potluck, we ask if your last name begins with A-G you bring a side dish, and if your name begins wit H-Z , bring a main dish. As in the past we will be having a dessert auction to help raise money for the upcoming year. All support will be appreciated.   

Can Food Drive

Clovis FFA Can Food Drive starts next week. There will be boxes in every Ag Classroom where you can turn in your cans. These cans will be going to local Food Banks that will greatly help people out, especially during this holiday season.


Congratulations to the Meats Team at their National Meats Contest in Louisville, Kentucky. Overall as a team they received 8th place in the nation. Zach Buckley was 13th high individual, Julia Armanino was 23rd high individual, Mikaela Demett was 43rd high individual and Katelyn Merrit was 50th high individual. Mikaela Demett and Julia Armanino had perfect scores in Meat ID. Clovis FFA Meats Team was also a Gold Ranked Team. Great Job!!!
Big Fresno Fair
Market Lambs
Emilie Gambril,
2nd Place Junior/Senior/Grad Showmanhip, 3rd in class Crossbred Market Lamb. 
9th Place Junior/Senior/Grad Showmanship, 1st in class Crossbred Market Lamb. 
Anahi Rivera,
10th Place Junior/Senior/Grad Showmanship, 2nd Place Feeder Lamb, 4th in Class Natural Market Lamb, Champion Bred By Exhibitor Breeding Ewe, Champion Pen of Two Breeding Ewes, 4th Place Breeding Ewe, 5th place Breeding Ewe. 
Kaytlyn Weber
9th Place Freshmen/Sophomore Showmaship, 3rd Place Novice Showmanship, 5th in class hamp Market Lamb. 
Kaylee Melton,
5th Place Novice Showmanship, 4th in class Crossbred Market Lamb. 
David Valdez, 1st Place Novice Showmanship, 5th Place Rate of Gain, 4th in class Hamp Market Lamb, 2nd Novice Round Robin. 
Samantha Gambril, 7th Place Pen of two Market Lambs, 3rd in class Commercial Cross Market Lamb, 6th in class Crossbred Market Lamb. 
Andrew Machoian, 4th in class Hamp Market Lamb. 
Thomas Smart, 5th in class Hamp Market Lamb. 
Roger McCamey, 7th in class Hamp Market Lamb. 
Lauren Raley, 7th in class Hamp Market Lamb. 
Rebecca Maxon, 5th in class Commercial Cross Market Lamb. 
Eleanor Cumming, 2nd in Class Commercial Cross Market Lamb. 
3rd Place Chapter Group, 1st Place Herdsmanship
Market Steers
Zach Buckley, Champion All other Colors Steer, 1st Place Advanced Showmanship, 1st Place Advanced Round Robin. David Valdez, Champion Black Cross, Champion FFA Steer, Supreme Champion Market Steer. Mitchell ParhamReserve Champion Colored Cross Steer, 11th in advanced showmanship. Annika Paris1st in class Brittish Steer, 12th in advanced showmanship. Emma Bolton2nd in Class Brittish Steer, 5th place advanced showmanship. Stormy Barnes2nd in Class British Steer,6th in Freshmen/Sophomore Showmanship. Morgan Henson1st place heavyweight black cross, 1st place medium weight black cross. 
1st Place Chapter Group, 1st Place Hersmanship
Market Hogs
Hollus Hudiburgh,1st in class Duroc. Jack Hudiburgh5th in Class Yorkshire. Georgi Hudiburgh2nd in class Yorkshire. Hannah Sanders, 1st in Class AOB, 1st place Novice Showmanship. Samantha Hogan, Reserve Champion FFA Crossbred Market Hog, 1st place Advance Swine Showmanship, 2nd Advance Round Robin. Emily Word, 1st in class Crossbred Market, 10th Place Novice Showmanship, 12 place Freshman/ Sophmore. Paul Flores,1st in class Duroc Market. Adam Buchnoff, 1st in class Crossbred Market, 10th Freshman/Sophmore Showmanship. Katelyn Merrit, 5th in class Hampshire Market, 8th place Advance Swine Showmanship. Leah Campbell, 4th in class Duroc Market. Garrett Ramirez, 2nd in class Hampshire Market, 9th Freshman/Sophmore Showmanship. 4th place Novice Showmanship. Brandon Meraz, 2nd in class Hampshire Market. Goashing Vang, 5th in class Crossbred, 7th place Freshman/Sophmore Showmanship, 2nd place Novice Showmanship. Ciera Kiser, 2nd in class Duroc Market, 11th Freshman/Sophmore Showmanship, 9th  Novice Showmanship. Cody Paul, 5th in class Hampshires. Ryan Barton, 5th in class Yorkshires, 13 in Freshman/Sophmore Showmanship, 10th in Novice Showmanship. Brandon Adams, 2nd in class Hampshire Market. Aaron Woodard, 4th in class Crossbred Market, 3rd in Advance Swine Showmanship. Kayla Burgetti, Champion Hampshire Market Hog, Grand Champion FFA Market Hog, Supreme Champion Market Hog. David Valdez2nd in class Crossbred Market Hog, 4th Advance Swine Showmanship
1st place Chapter Group Market Hogs, 2nd place Herdmanship 
Cynthia Atondo,1st FrenchLop-Sr Buck, 1st FrenchLop Int. Doe, 5th Sr Showmanship. Ashley Melton,1st MiniLop-Sr Buck, Best Opposite Sex Breed. Sabrina Sausedo4th MiniLop-Sr Buck. Kayla Brugetti6th MiniLop-Sr Buck
Julia Armanino2nd Market, 5th Market, 3rd Pen of 2, 4th and 6th Breed and Owned. Eleanor Cumming,1st Market, 1st Market, 6th Market, Reserve Champion FFA Goat, 1st Pen of 2, 2nd and 3rd Bred and Owned, 6th Jr/Sr Showmanship, Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Doe. Mikaela Kirk2nd Market, 2nd Jr/Sr Showmanship. Devyn Palmer4th Market, 1st Jr/Sr Showmanship, 3rd in Advanced Round Robin. Shauntel Statt,12th Market, 7th Jr/Sr Showmanship, 10th Breeding Doe. Jonathan Woodard5th Market, 12th Frosh/Soph Showmanship
Ag Mechanics
Mitchell Parham, 1st place on flatbed trailer
1st place on Landscape Display

The Clovis FFA Officer Team is excited and pumped up for our new year. Stay tuned for chapter activities and information about events. 

Click on the link above to watch a how to video!

Clovis FFA Meats Evaluation Team
Left to Right- Coach Ken Dias, Julia Armanino 1st High Individual, Katelyn Merrit, Zach Buckley 3rd High Individual, Mikaela DeMent 6th High Individual.

 to the 2015 Clovis FFA 


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