Next FFA Meeting
Our next meeting will be held on October 26th after school starting at 5:00PM. Participate in our spooky dessert contest and dress up in a Halloween costume! We will provide dinner and watch Halloweentown!

16-17 Dates
Fall Fair- Thursday, September 22nd 2016
Spring Fair- Thursday, March 30th 2017

Email jenniferknight@cusd.com to sign up.

Tri-tip Dinner Fundraiser
*includes a whole tri-tip, rice pilaf, 4 dinner rolls, and salad(meal feeds 4)
$30 a meal, tickets available in ag classes
Pick Up Date: Sept. 16 from 3-6 PM

State Finals Col Poly
Evan Pence 1st in meats exam
Elle Cumming 1st in ID
Sammy Gambril 5th in ID
3rd place team in ID
3rd place team on meats exam
AG Mech
7th overall
2nd high team in welding
3rd in servey/Landmeasuring
Mitchell Parham 2nd overall welding
Vet science
1st high team 
Jordan Demanty 1st high
Shauntel Statt 3rd high
Kyllie Raymond 4th high
Nursery Landscape
4th high
Jonathan Woodard 9th high
Morgan Henson 10th high
12th high team
David Valdez 9th
Mikaela kirk 32nd
Kaylee Melton 75th 

Atascadero Results
6th high team
5th in sheep and goats 
5th in swine
3rd in livestock test 

Hanford Results
Nursery Landscape
3rd high team 
Jonathan Woodard 4th
Vet science
1st high team
Shauntel 1st
Kylie Raymond 2nd
Emma Miks3rd
Courtney Herring 6th
Vet science
4th high team 
Krystal Heffernan
Olivia Krenz
Olivia Boling
Reedley Results
Ag Mech
1st high team
Vet Science
Kylie Raymond 2nd 
1st high team
David Valdez 2nd
20th high team
Clovis FFA Invitational
Elle cumming 1st
Mary Merritt 4th
1st high team 
B team 5th high 
Fresno State Results
Mary Merritt 5th
Evan Pence 3rd
2nd High team
Nursery Landscape
Jonathan Woodard 3rd
4th High team
Vet Science
Jordan Demanty 3rd
1st High team
David Valdez 4th
Ag Mech
9th high team
Merced Results
9th High Team
Ag Mech
4th High Team
Brandon Adams 6th High
Nursery Landscape
2nd High Team
Jonathan Woodard 4th High
Dinuba Results
Vet Science
1st High Team
Jordan Demanty 2nd High
Chico Results
Our Meats Evaluation team placed first high team with Sammie Gambril placing 1st, Elle Cumming placing 2nd and Mary Merritt placing 3rd. Evan Pence and Garrett Ramirez rounded out this succesful team.

Vet science
 Our Veterinary Science Team also placed 1st high team with Shauntel Statt placing 2nd and Kylie Raymond placing 3rd. Emma Milks was also in the top 10 and Courtney Herring also was a member of this team.
Nursery Landscape
Our Nursery Landscape team placed 2nd high team with Morgan Henson, Jonathan Woodard 6th place, Goashang Vang, and Morgan Polley 7th place. 

Ag Mech
The Ag Mechanics Team placed 2nd high team with Brandon Adams taking 2nd, Micthell Parham earning 6th and Anthony Cortez and Anthony Sella rounding out the team. 

 Ag Sales
Our Brand New Ag Sales team also placed 5th high team with Lauren Raley, Michaela Hamilton, Mary Pabato, and Maria Pabato. 

Livestock Judging
Our Livestock team also represented us well and placed in the top quarter of teams present.

UC Davis Results

Ag Sales

8th High Team

Lauren Raley 7th High Individual

Livestock Judging

8th High Team in sheep/goats

Meats Judjing

1st High Team

Elle Cumming 1st High Individual

Sammie Gambril 4th High Individual

Mary Merritt 5th High Individual

Garret Ramirez 15th High Individual 

Nursery Landscape

4th High Team

Jonathan Woodard 3rd in Judging

Morgan Henson 4th in Transplanting

West Hills Results
Ag Mechanics

8th High Team

Mitch Parham 6th High Individual

Clovis FFA Vine Pruning Contest
The Clovis FFA Vine Pruning Team went to St.Helena Napa Valley. They received 6th high team overall and achieved 5th high team in two sub contests.


Congratulations to the Meats Team at their National Meats Contest in Louisville, Kentucky. Overall as a team they received 8th place in the nation. Zach Buckley was 13th high individual, Julia Armanino was 23rd high individual, Mikaela Demett was 43rd high individual and Katelyn Merrit was 50th high individual. Mikaela Demett and Julia Armanino had perfect scores in Meat ID. Clovis FFA Meats Team was also a Gold Ranked Team. Great Job!!!

The Clovis FFA Officer Team is excited and pumped up for our new year. Stay tuned for chapter activities and information about events. 

CDE Team Results Form 

Click on the link above to watch a how to video!

Clovis FFA Meats Evaluation Team
Left to Right- Coach Ken Dias, Julia Armanino 1st High Individual, Katelyn Merrit, Zach Buckley 3rd High Individual, Mikaela DeMent 6th High Individual.

 to the 2015 Clovis FFA 

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