ATTENTION!! I have made a new updated website for my rabbitry. For current info please go to my new one at: http://cloverpatchangorabunnies.weebly.com/

This one will be deleted shortly so if you are interested in Clover Patch, please go to my new website and add it to your favorites!! Thank you for your interest in Clover Patch Angora Bunnies!!

Welcome To Clover Patch Angora Bunnies! (CPAB)

I breed purebred French Angora rabbits in the country side of mid Missouri on a little hobby farm, selling their bunnies, and selling their fiber. Each bunny has up to a 7 generation pedigree, and gets handled, and loved from me and my family each and every day!
I advertise my rabbitry at: http://rabbitbreeders.us!