The Googlepages site for, a web site for climatically challenged or visually impaired astronomers and their friends. 


Astronomy Links:

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Hubble Site

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Universe Today

W. M. Keck Observatory

Links for Blind or Visually Impaired Astronmers:

National Center For Blind Youth In Science

Oralux -GNU/Linux for the blind or visually impaired

The SEE Project

You Can Do Astronomy LLC

Right now I am just playing around with this page and will post some general links for astronomy and the visually impaired.  If you have any recommendations for astronomy or blind/visually impaired links, send me an email at:

cloudymidnights  at  gmail  dot com

 To seem more, take a look at the Cloudymidnights site

 -Jim Cox