CloudWays 2017 – 3rd International Workshop on Cloud Adoption and Migration

Cloud computing has recently been the focus of attention both as academic research and industrial initiatives. Major IT companies and start-ups envision cloud computing as i) an economic strategy to meet business objectives cost effectively and ii) a way to remain competitive by exploiting technical resources efficiently. From a business point of view, organizations can benefit from the on-demand and pay-per-use model offered by cloud services rather than an upfront purchase of costly and over-provisioned infrastructure. From a technological perspective, the scalability, interoperability, and efficient (de-)allocation of resources through cloud services can enable a smooth execution of organizational operations. 

Given the potential benefits of cloudification, an increasing number of organizational business-critical applications – so-called legacy systems – are being migrated to cloud environments. Regardless of the benefits of cloudification, many organizations still rely on legacy software systems developed over the lifetime of an organization using traditional development methods. In spite of the maintainability issues, (on-premise) legacy systems are still crucial as they support core business processes that cannot simply be replaced. Therefore, migrating legacy systems towards cloud-based platform allows organizations to leverage their existing systems deployed (over publicly available resources) as scalable cloud services.

The 3rd International Workshop on Cloud Adoption and Migration (CloudWays 2017) aims to bring together cloud migration experts from academia and industry from different IT communities, e.g., cloud computing, software engineering, services computing, big data, information systems, etc. Its main goals are to promote discussions and collaboration amongst participants, to help disseminate novel cloud migration practices and solutions, and to identify future cloud migration challenges and dimensionsTo this end, the workshop will foster a more interactive participation model, in which authors, invited speakers and attendees will be encouraged to socially engage beyond the planned workshop activities. 

CloudWays 2017 will be co-located with ESOCC 2017 - the 6th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2017). Accepted papers will be published in Springer's CCIS Series as post-workshop proceedings.