World Phonebook based on BlockChain and WorldMNP (Mobile Number Portability)

on developing...

How many slots for sim-cards in your mobile phone you have?

I propose WorldMNP on Telco BlockChain  (distributed mobile numbers/e-mails/social networks logins/etc. database) with connection to Mobile/Social/Skype/other Messagers  and networks such as  Firefox Hello 

In near future you don't need to ask people - What is your phone number or Skype or e-mail? Where are you from? Where you live? Who are you? 
Just photo this person (or looking via Google Glass:-) or use real-time voice recognition button on pre-installed Telco BlockChain mobile apps and you will know all (you can see who really calling in pop-up window even if this person is not in your contact list or use phone from other person)! *
 Feel like James Bond - free of charge for basic services. 
Why you need this? As example, for hacker sim protection

Telco BlockChain will work based on wireless DataCenter.
Yes, we can buy cloud capacities or build own SuperComputer on 10-100-1000- ... Raspberry pi/Orange Pi, but we build wireless DataCenter with connecting mobile phones, tablets, ... that have equal processing power (new mobile chip has 10 cores - and can connect devices each other via high speed 4G/wi-fi globally in the World used simple mobile apps and API (  BitTorrent Sync Mobile ). When you sleep/working/learning - your phone put on public Qi (wireless charge) or home charging system or use solar energy and can compute some tasks globally (approximately some billions devices) and you can use processors of IoT devices - another some billions. 
You will pay for this service with processing power of your phone or tablet and part of this distributed database put on your device.

*    Service will work in accordance with Data protection Laws.
     All data will be digitally signed/encrypted and validated by national Registrators.