Imagine - how quickly and easy we can build #wirelessdatacenter based on 8-10 cores smartphones, tablets, self-driving car supercomputers - only install app to billions devices. Now you pay for apps, in near future apps developers will pay you!. Second life of mobile #Gridcomputing is coming! No need buildings, servers, cables - only pay some dollars to some people!

P.S. processor's vendors - thinking about some special modes and architecture supporting  - when some cores (when they free) work for #GridComputing tasks.

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Supercomputer on the move! In December 2015, we moved our Edison ‪#supercomputer‬ from the Oakland Science Facility to #BerkeleyLab's brand new Shyh Wang Hall.   -  WirelessDataCenter - no cables, no servers, no datacenters building, no rent and land-tax payment - only pay some dollars to some People! 

11.02.2016 - Welcome to the era of Gigabit Class LTE

03.02.2016 - Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks with 168 cores