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Articles In developing: 
Optimal Mobile Telecom Infrastructure - Economic Vision: what is the Best for World Telecom Vendors, Mobile Operators, Governments and Global Economics 
Cloud Billing and Banking payments - Mobile Operator and Bank work together. 
New routing and interworking scheme of Global Mobile Payments System via mobile Roaming. 
One project - FinancialRoaming  - Roaming for Mobile Payments! 
FinancialRoaming support Mobile Operators, Telecom Vendors, Financial Institutions work together, not only isolated within their own solutions, in their own network, in one national country.


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27.02  -  01.03 2012  ---  MWC 2012  -  Real-life Mobile Financial Services from Gemalto
21.03.2012   --  MobeyDay 2012

12-13 June 2012 -- Cloud Computing World Forum

August 7, 2012 --- 1st International ICST Workshop on C-RAN ( Cloud Radio Access Network)

Some interesting information:

Billing and Customer Care for Smart Grids: Lessons from Telecoms

Mobile Payments Market Guide 2012