Cloud Computing Papers

Academic papers about Cloud Computing:

cloud computing conference 2011
  • Above the clouds: A Berkeley view of cloud computingArmbrust, Fox, Griffith, Joseph, et al. 2009 [link]
  • The Eucalyptus Open-source Cloud-computing System. Nurmi, Wolski, Grzegorczyk, Obertelli, et al. 2009 [link]
  • Toward a Unified Ontology of Cloud ComputingYouseff, Butrico, Da Silva. 2009 [link]
  • All-pairs: An abstraction for data-intensive cloud computingMoretti, Bulosan, ThainFlynn. 2008 [link]
  • Science Clouds: Early Experiences in Cloud Computing for Scientific Applications. 

    Keahey, Figueiredo, Fortes, Freeman et al.2008 [link]
  • Cloud Computing–Issues, Research and Implementations.

     Vouk. 2008 [link]
  • A break in the clouds: towards a cloud definitionVaquero, Rodero-Merino, Caceres, Lindner. 2008 [link]
  • SnowFlock: rapid virtual machine cloning for cloud computingLagar-Cavilla, Whitney, Scannell, Patchin, Rumble, et al. 2009 [link]
  • Building a database on S3. Branter, Florescu, Graf, Kossmann, Kraska. 2008 [link]
  • Cloudstone: Multi-Platform, Multi-Language Benchmark and Measurement Tools for Web 2.0. Sobel, Subramanyam, Sucharitakul, Nguyen, et al. 2008 [link]
  • Creating a ‘Cloud Storage’ Mashup for HighPerformance, Low Cost Content Delivery. Broberg, Buyya, Tari. 2008 [link]
  • Clouder: a flexible large scale decentralized object store: architecture overview. Vilaca, Oliveira. 2009. [link]
  • Cloud Computing and Emerging IT Platforms:Vision, Hype, and Reality for Delivering Computing as the 5th Utility. Buyya, Shin Yeo, Venugopal, Broberg, Brandic. 2008. [link]
  • Xen and the art of virtualizationBarham, Dragovic, Fraser, Hand, Harris. 2003 [link]
  • MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large ClustersJ Dean, S Ghemawat. 2004.[link]
  • Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value StoreDeCandia, Hastorun, Jampani, Kakulapati, et al. 2007. [link]
  • PerfCloud: GRID Services for Performance-Oriented Development of Cloud Computing Applications. Mancini, Emilio P.   Rak, Massimiliano Villano, Umberto. 2009 [link]
cloud computing conference 2011