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Technical Area of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a recent advancement wherein IT-related functionalities (e.g., applications, database or storage) are provided “as a service” to end-users under a usage-based payment model. In a Cloud computing model, end-users (SMEs, governments, universities) can leverage virtualized services probably on the fly based on fluctuating requirements (workload pattern and quality of service requirements) and, in doing so, they avoid worry about infrastructure details such as where these resources are hosted or how they are managed. Developers with innovative ideas for new Internet services no longer require large capital outlays in hardware to deploy their service or human expense to operate it. It offers significant benefit to IT companies by freeing them from the low level task of setting up basic hardware (servers) and software infrastructures and thus enabling more focus on innovation and creating business value for their services.

This Web site is the official Web portal of Technical Area on Cloud ComputingIEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC). Technical area on Cloud Computing is officially launched in May. 2010, which is currently coordinated by co-chairs, Dr. Rajiv Ranjan and Dr. Chunming Rong and this Web site is technically maintained by Prof. Lizhe Wang. The primary aim of the Technical Areas on Cloud Computing is to create a Technical Resource Center, which provides introductory information and various challenges in the area of Cloud Computing, links to major R&D projects around the world in the domain of Cloud Computing. This helps (both TCSC and the Technical Area of Cloud Computing) (1) gain global visibility and (2) provides opportunity for global researchers to connect themselves to regional activities and vice versa. In addition, it provides opportunity for young researchers and industries interested in that topic to discuss with technical area coordinators, which in turn results in collaborations.

To support our activity on maintaining this Web Site, please cite our following papers so we can justify our work to the funding agencies.
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