Ethical Issues

        Several issues of ethics can arise from the development of cloud computing. As cloud computing grows, it is starting to dominate some aspects of the internet. As such, it is important that we look at the ethical issue in cloud computing.
One problem that could appear is that cloud computing allows the easy distribution of other people’s intellectual properties (see Legal Issues), due to the easy storage and transfer of media in digital form. This means that a person has, say, a song or movie, and they upload it onto their cloud network of choice so that others can download it for their own use, without paying to obtain it for themselves.
Also, say an important business hosts a file or a program on a cloud network. It may be possible for unauthorized people to access or copy that file or program. And if that cloud network goes down for a while, or permanently, then the company has lost that file or program until the network goes back up - perhaps permanently - unless they also have another copy stored somewhere else. And if the company stops using that cloud network, but have left files on it, then the problem of who has the rights over those files could be a major issue.
        An important issue that needs to be considered is that cloud computing makes it possible for individuals and/or companies to access other people's information and personal details, without that person necessarily knowing that their information is being accessed - as such, it could potentially be used by oppressive governments.