Pros & Cons of Cloud Storage

Nowadays cloud computing implementation has become ubiquitous in IT companies. It was spoken a lot about revolutionary character of cloud computing for IT sphere. Cloud technologies simplify IT management and allow their users to store data overorrun applications without involvement of multitude of resources. In modern world it is widely spread to use clouds as data storage.

Cloud computing IaaS was created to provide people an opportunity to store information on cloud servers. As any other technology, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the major benefits is an access to data at any time. It is rather useful to store backups on a cloud, because in case of your datacenter damage, you can easily restore it and avoid an irreparable injury.

A lot of people have some information on their computers that they don't constantly use but keep in case they need it. Cloud storage allows deallocating computer's hard disk memory from files that are not required for everyday work. These files can be accessed from the cloud if you need them but at the same time they do not clutter up hard disk space.

However it is not recommended to store on clouds data that is crucial for business continuity. Modern technologies are able to encrypt information in a secure way but internet connection is not enough reliable. In case your internet connection is down, you cannot access the important data anymore and the entire enterprise stops working.    

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