Welcome to Blind Helper Website

Student:      Mohamed Abd El Aziz

        Email:         mohamed.khamis@ejust.edu.eg

        Student:      Karim Habak

        Email:          karim.habak@gmail.com

        Instructor:  Moustafa A. Youssef
        Email:         moustafa.youssef@ejust.edu.eg

Project Description

Blind Helper is developed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to identify their locations and contact with other people using smart mobile phones. 

This work presents a blind helper framework based on mixing mobile devices and cloud computing in partnership with Microsoft Research Project Hawaii

We use cloud services in this project due to limited resources and battery life time of mobile phones. We want to make use of the cloud resources especially when we have multiple user groups sharing messages and resources among them.

The project platform consists of a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone and Several Cloud Services, including: Bing Maps for mapping services, and Windows Live ID for user identification. The project also uses some prototype cloud services such as the Relay Service, the Rendezvous Service, the OCR in the Cloud service, and the Speech-to-Text service.

We used the MS Visual Studio 2010 IDE. We made a Silverlight for Windows phone application that is written in the C# programming language.

We used HTC Surround which is equiped with 5.0 Mega Pixels camera that satisfies the 300dpi resolution requirement of the OCR engine and is provided with an auto-focus mechanism. The mobile phone is also supported by an internal GPS, accelerometer and compass and 3.5mm Stereo Headset with microphone.