PNWL - An Online Cross Country League for Pacific NW Pilots, runs April through September

The Pacific Northwest League is a friendly Online Paragliding Competition for NW Pilots.


What you need to participate in the League:

    1. A GPS and the proper cable to connect it to your PC.
    2. A download program that saves your track as an IGC file.
    3. Get a PG forum account - you need it to upload to PNWL.
    4. An internet connection


Go flying and record your flight with your GPS. Using a free program or Compegps, download your GPS track and save it as an IGC file on your computer.  Open a web browser, login to PNWL and upload the IGC file. At the end of each month, We will publish the scores to the various area mailing list and eventually this website.


Pacific Northwest League (You can login from the Main Menu.) 

Submit Flight page (Works best if you check "Log me on automatically" when you logged on.)