Clotho’s members know that Meadow Farm Park plays an important part in the history of our guild.

Our first “real” Sheep to Shawl event was in 2004. Before that time park employees advertised it as Sheep to Shawl, but we sat on a blanket on the grass carding with children or spinning nearby.

At first there were no looms except the park’s loom on the enclosed porch near the farmhouse kitchen.

There was no shawl on the loom.  Becky often

stirred her natural dyepot, members carded and

spun on the lawn and even in the farmhouse dining

room one year while cold rain poured down and hardly

a visitor entered the park.

The banner flew at the park entrance each year, beckoning all to come to Sheep to Shawl but an important first happened in  2004 when Clothos had our first sheep to shawl team at the park and Gladys wove with handspun from the park’s flock. The guild’s Harrisville loom was used to make a white shawl that we raffled to support our guild.

In 2005 Marea warped the loom for three white shawls, one of which was donated to the park. Thunder rolled and torrential rains fell in 2006 while spinners surrounded the loom inside the Orientation Center. Gayle wove a soft and cozy shawl from soft wool dyed with nature’s colors by Clotho’s knitters and some members of the sheep to shawl team.                            


Our warp had stripes of many colors

in 2007, white with purple and blue

bands at each end in 2008, and in

2009 we had a “sheep to scarf” year.

All were woven and expertly finished

by Gayle. Sheep to shawl team

members spun yards and yards of 

Gulf Coast Native fleece, from a        

breed classified as ‘critical’ by the                                                         

ALBC, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


2008                                                 2009



Each year an important part of Sheep to Shawl is the Orientation Center display of handspun, handknitted, handwoven, and other fiber-related items made by members while Clotho’s members spin nearby with modern attire and equipment, telling visitors about handspinning today.



Directions and more park information: Meadow Farm/Crump Park

Photos from 2009 - 2012 follow, from newest to oldest:


Sheep to Shawl canceled for the first time ever, due to severe weather warnings.




Photos by Joanna Root, Gary Boyd, Judith Towers