Movie still from the film 'Passion of the Christ', Mary in simple peasant clothes

Woolen fiber was what ordinary people's clothes were made of

Copy of a wall painting showing Semitic laborers in Egypt

Men often wore short tunics when working
Most clothing was made of natural dyes



Ancient Egyptian bracelet of gold and semi-precious stones

An Ancient Egyptian bracelet made of gold and stones
Simple bracelet and necklace from Mesopotamia
A bracelet and necklace that is from the home of Sarah and Abraham

Bronze bracelet, Canaanite, late Bronze Age

A 3,500 year old bracelet made of bronze
Jewelry,jewellery,Bible archaeology: gold hairnet fragment
A piece of a gold hairnet
Men's and Woman's togas


 The proper way to wear a toga
Tunic of a man


Roman military sandals
 Deanna Cerlanek & Meghan Macri
Christian Brothers Academy