This is Rose! 
Made her for a special person and presented by her friend
at her 60th birthday party, amongst all her friends. 
 She had a story to tell!  She's my interpretation of Jill Maas' 'Gertrude'!


These two old friends look good on the wall. 

The ideas are from Jill Maas who is my inspiration!

    One has gone to grace the walls

                                          of a new resturant in Nelson!                                  




This is Celestine (showing off her bloomers!) and she is the doll I will be teaching at The Oamaru Textile Exchange in Oamaru,
 10 February 2009.  ( see other column)
Here she is with a Shawl, new hat and Carpet bag! 
 Things to do!  Places to go!  People to see!


Welcome to

 Cloth Dolls with Attitude! 

Cut from the cloth, designed by the maker, dyed, embellished, and manipulated by  life experiences - thus transformation happens! 

Meet 'The Undomestic Goddess'  who enjoys life too much to be fazed by housework!  A little flick of a duster here and there as she dances through the day, a little shopping,  walk around the garden to admire the riot of blooms and smell the subtle aroma's, the birds singing in the background - ahhh! Bliss! 
  These  dolls for 'grownups'  are my experiences of the processes involved, while undertaking that transforming, can-do attitude!


I want to share some of the dolls I have made with you, and encourage you to develop and extend your talents and skills further. 

From time to time I will give information on workshops 

and classes I hope to hold in the future,

 so visit my site often! 

I am now selling the dolls I make at The Oamaru Textile Exchange (TOTE), so feel free to visit the TOTE and have a browse!  They have a lot of traditional crafts and materials there, not to mention their Retro Shop, Tiger Lily's!


Waitaki Boys Community Class 2009




Class Tutor: Sharon Mitchell invites students to learn

the different techniques used to create a contemporary

version of a Victorian Cloth Doll – ‘Celestine’.


These dolls have character and are not toys, but

works of art. Each doll becomes individual with its

own distinct personality.


Own sewing machine will be required at these classes,

and it is assumed the student to have sewing ability.


A list of other materials required for the doll and details

of the class will sent by post or email after registration,

to give the student time to purchase items needed.


Cost of the Course is $50, and the special doll velour and pattern
is supplied by the tutor at an extra cost of $24 per kit.


Some dolls made by the tutor Sharon Mitchell, may be seen at

The Oamaru Textile Exchange,
13 Tyne Street, Oamaru
where these classes will take place every
Tuesday from 7.00pm – 9.00pm,
for 7 weeks,
beginning 10 February 2009.


All enquiries about the course must be before you register.

Please phone Kris on 03 437 0141 between 8am and 9 pm.



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