Antonio Gala's English web page


Hi! I'm Inma, your teacher. I teach English  at Antonio Gala school   in  Dos Hermanas
, Sevilla.  This web page    is  designed  to help my students  with  their  English. "Close your books web site" covers all the contents of  3º  and  4º ESO curriculum   with   clear grammar explanations followed by resources that I use in class everyday. It also contains an activity bank with exercises to practice all the grammar. I  have adapted every lesson very specifically to students' needs and  interests. After eleven years teaching English  I can tell that teenagers tend to respond better when they feel involved and engaged in the subject; therefore it is really important to find out what they arinterested in. Some of the advantages of using this web page include:
  • Much material is modern and up to date, which helps motivate students
  • Students enjoy using the net in their free time, and will appreciate its use in class
  • It's a dynamic medium involving movement from site to site, promoting decision-making and learner independence
                                                                    I hope you enjoy it!