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People Say Some Dumb Stuff About Shopping for Closet Systems

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What People Say:
 "I heard they are expensive"
Did you want the cheap stuff that falls apart?"
 "The other company gives free installation"
We don't know any closet installers that work for you?
  "The other company has 20% off."
Their ads have had 20% off for ten years straight. 20% off what?... The price they marked up.
 "You can't trust little companies"
Can you trust big ones?
 "They are too far away to hire"
Your neighbors live two houses away and you don't know their names. It's not distance that keeps people apart.
 "I never heard of them"
You never heard of 'What's her Name' (Susan Boyle) until she sang on British American Idol. Gotta admit - she's great too.
They say:
"These closet companies are all the same, just take the cheapest bid and get it done."
You just think we're all the same because you haven't learned the differences.
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