Saving on Custom Closets is Easy

Need a Rich Girls Closet on a Poor Girls Budget?   No Problem.

Serious About Saving on Closets…

Saving on home improvements sometimes requires lots of do-it-yourself hard work on weekends.  That's no longer necessary for saving on custom closets.  I’ve taken the hardship away. 

You can implement these cost saving ideas without lifting a finger on most of them.

Take my free advice - you’ll be getting a great closet for less.

Here’s a preview of my ideas:

·       Don’t over order these for your closet – I’ll tell you what to think and why there is a gold mine of smart savings hidden here.

·       Save by re-using certain elements of your existing closet – I’ll direct your thinking.

·       Skip this higher priced option like most people do – if they uncover the facts.

·       If you ‘pass’ on this popular selection your savings will mount up.

·       Buy this closet accessory somewhere else – not the closet company, (we’ll tell you where). It’s like finding money.

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·       You could have the best of these – but you won’t miss them at all.  Spend the savings on something you can really appreciate. I’ll give you my recommendations.

·       If you know enough to ask for this option it will save the closet company money – they will pass the savings on to you.

·       Is it OK to hang a closet system entirely on a wall? Or is it best to always stand it on the floor? The answer might surprise you. It involves money, so you should know.

·       What’s a ‘clean wall’ and why having one will save you some hard-earned cash.

·       You’re hoping for a totally successful outcome, here’s one detail you had better not save ‘til last. You’ll wish someone had given you warning in advance.

·       Interior designers get the big bucks for telling you this secret – learn it for free from me.


How much do I charge for all this valuable information? Nothing.Nada. Zip Zero Zilch.

Free for the asking. 

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I’ve designed and built literally thousands of closets in the last 22 years so I’ve learned a lot - some the hard way.

Here’s your chance to get a quick summary in a couple of pages… over two decades of my hard learned education boiled down to a dozen ideas that will save you money on the closet you want.

You could wait, but why would you – it’s totally free, available now but not forever.


                       Stephen Nickse