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Custom Closet Pitfalls and Predicaments
You Already Know What Makes an Old-Fashioned Closet So Bad.
 (One pole . One shelf. No drawers. You know. Too much stuff - no place to put it.)
 But What Could Possibly Ruin a Brand New Custom Closet?
Avoid These 20 Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Closet Enjoyment
1) Wrong proportion of shelves to poles.
2) No hamper when you need one.
3) No belt racks, hooks, or baskets.
4) Shelves spaced too wide apart. Sweaters are an avalanche waiting to happen.
5) Shelves too deep for the closet. You can't use the top because you can't fit things in past the door header.
Here's More Bad News
6) Drawers that bang into something when you try to open them.
7) Deep shelves which should be shallow - and vice-versa.
8) Edge banding or other molding that does not match the color of the shelves.
9) Ugly exposed screws.
10) Crooked handles.
#11 is Bad - Would you agree?
11) His side too Big, Her side too small.
12) Crooked, out of level shelves and panels.
13) Hung clothes that block the doorway.
14) Shoes jumbled on the floor instead of aligned on a shelf.
 15) Poles too long -  will bend when loaded.
That's Not All...It Could be Worse.
16) Shelves cut too long will also bend within a year.
17) Poor choice of shelving color -  does not go with walls or clashes with floor color.
18) Selected styles don't match the house.
19) Wasted space-not even used at all.
20) Poor craftsmanship. It shows.
We know what to do and what Not to do.
Don't worry about a thing. We'll take care of every detail.
You don't have to learn how to be a closet designer.
Just leave the hard stuff to us.
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