Living Like a Scrub Girl

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Assume Command of Your Closet Situation

Tired of Living Like a Scrub Girl?

 ‘He’ doesn’t want to spend any money, so...

Your closets are dysfunctional.

Your home office is embarrassing.

Your garage is a wasteland - full of spiders and junk.

Guests can't stay over because there is nowhere to sleep.  


You do have a voice - now’s a good time to take charge of your living situation.


Because the economy is taking a can get a great deal today.

Meanwhile people are fixing up their houses because they know it’s tough to sell any house that's less attractive than one for sale just down the street.


Buy low (that’s now) because when we get busy the rock bottom prices will end (and happily we are getting busier.)


‘He’ can’t object too loudly - just tell him..


'It makes sense to buy now and save on something we're going to get anyway.'



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