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Glitz Your Garage 

No More Spiders and JunkHome

This Garage is No Longer a Home for Spiders and Junk... You could even hang out here when you need a little get away. Much better than sitting out on the back steps with the dog. The counters can be aluminum, stainless steel, butcher block or a number of other sturdy and slick selections.


Was a Garage Nightmare - Now a Dream Come True. Cabinets are perfect for Organizing. They stand on the floor - unlike the previous picture that is a wall mounted system. It's good either way.


This could be your garage.
               Clean. Neat. Nice.
The garage is the largest room in your house.
So often uncared for and unappreciated.
Usually a wasteland..cold and dirty.
It need not be so.
We can make a nasty floor sparkle
with durable epoxy finishes.
You can have a place for everything..
Off the floor and behind a door.This is the way we do floors - many colors to select from.

Nasty floors can be made better than new.


5 Elements of a Maxxed out Garage

1 - Commercial grade epoxy floor surfacing

2 - Re-painted garage walls

3 - Slatwall for hanging tools and gadgets

4 - A comfortable chair to watch The TV shows you want to see.

5 - A fridge with cold drinks



Stunning blue aluminum cabinets with drawers galore.Use your imagination. This is not Fru Fru furniture.


Aluminum and stainless steel custom countertops are made to order - any size. Drawer banks are Lockable for Personal Stuff.


The parts drawer cabinet  keeps your nails, screws, and parts organized for quick access.


Metal drawer dividers are optional. Removable. Functional.


High gloss red metal cabinet...Awesome. We install  for you and we ship nationwide - the whole USA.  Pricing Upon Request. Just Ask.


White metal drawers with aluminum handles in a Winchester garage loft.


Industrial/urban contemporary desk cabinets might express your style. Storage ideas for lofts .. hot red metal cabinets make a bold statement. A metal home office concept is 'out-of-the-box' thinking.



We offer metal trailer cabinets made in MA. 



Commercial grade metal cabinets available in standard or custom sizes. Cabinets are pre-assembled, just screw them to the wall and you're done. Or - we will install them for you.


Tall black metal wall cabinets above 'Workstations' with flip down doors/work surfaces.



This garage cabinet in Needham MA. is platinum melamine. An array of colors is available- made to order.

Custom metal and melamine cabinets can be designed, fabricated, and installed in a short time frame.

  If you're ready for a glitzy new garage, we have ideas. 

 Melamine cabinets 
  Metal cabinets
Epoxy floors
Much more
Designs are FREE - Estimates are FREE

To Glamorize Your Garage