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Closet Solutions Questions and Answers

  Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is Closet Solutions different than the other closet company?

A: That company has a business model that involves huge spending for advertising on a local and national level. Expensive.

Closet Solutions depends primarily on word of mouth.Friends tell friends. Smart.

Our products, by any measure, are equal to, or exceed any competitors’ quality and service. Like Ernie Boch - Our costs are less - we sell for less.


Q: Will you come to my house for a free consultation?

A: Yes we will, provided you are in our service area. In most cases we will provide you with a solution, (on paper for you to keep)... and a firm price for the implementation.


Q: Is installation FREE this month?

A: There is no such thing as free installation. This offer is an advertising trick. Don’t be mislead by such promises. Installation is included in the price. No installers work for free. None.


Q: How long does the installation take?

A: Only as long as it takes to get it right. We pre-fab the parts in our shop in order to minimize the time spent, and eliminate dust creation in your home.

A six foot run of wall hung closets takes approximately 2 hours to install.


Q: How do I prepare for the arrival of the installation crew?

A: Bring out the donuts. Lock up the dog. Brew the coffee.


Q: References? 

A: Zillions of closets installed in the last 22 years. If you want references we will furnish them. You can refer to the Better Business Bureau website. We have had zero complaints filed with them since 1987.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service Boston metro and outlying areas within 100 miles or so. As founding members of the National Closet Group, we have friends in the closet business all over the nation.

If you are outside of our service area please refer to to find an outstanding closet company in your state.


Q: Where is your Show Room?

A: Call before coming to 46 White Street, Somerville / Cambridge. Porter Square - Across from SHAWS SUPERMARKET


Q: Will Closet Solutions repaint my closet?

A: We do not paint but we can arrange it. In order to obtain the best results have the painter remove the existing shelves and repaint prior to our arrival.


If not painted our installers will fill (once) any nail holes exposed by their removal of wall cleats or wire shelving. It is difficult to paint around the complex system which we will install.


For the best results, complete the painting prior to our arrival.


Q: Are credit cards acceptable?

A: We accept visa, mastercard, checks and cash.


Q:What now?

A: Call for more information

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