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Big Mistake.

 -Skip all the Chapters and Just Read the Last Page. That’s a perfect way to get absolutely nothing helpful out of any book ever written. You could do it, but why would you?

Before investing with any home improvement contractor get yourself educated. Education is priceless. Education saves you money, time, and heartache.

Tossing a Cheesy Hollywood Magazine into Your Shopping Cart while waiting in line at the super market is an impulse buy. That’s not what brought you to this page today.

Today you are really shopping - shopping for free information, getting an education, preparing for a really impactful purchase, a purchase that will change the way you live.

Ultimately you will write a deposit check and slide it across the table, a down payment on a shiny new closet .

Sidestep disappointment by getting an education in advance of signing that check.

Choosing a Closet Contractor Should be a No-Brainer.  If it’s hard to choose, it’s because you don’t have the information to make the well informed decision.

When you have gathered enough information the choice becomes easy, actually crystal clear.

"Closet companies are all the same, so just buy from the cheapest one."

 -  Oh really? That conclusion is reached by someone who invests very little time in asking questions, reading websites or talking to friends about their experience with a custom closet purchase.

"I don’t like to read websites, I just scan." You can speed scan my website if you really want to. I wrote most of it in short little sentences for people with no time for details.

If you just want the phone number it’s at the top, middle and bottom.  Here it is again. 617.628.2410.

If you are scanning this site you are missing the whole point.

But if it’s information you value, I will give it to you. After learning, your buying decision will be based on something other than price points and impetuous actions.

You will know what holds meaning and what makes a difference in the long term.

It's Not Just Closets - it's Long Term Satisfaction  that you are hoping to purchase with your hard earned money.

If you invest some time to read and learn, I will empower you with tools you need to successfully select the right closet company in your area.

Yours for the Best Closets,

Steve Nickse

Founder, Owner, Operator


If you did not read everything you probably did not learn anything. Start again.

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