Chipotle Chicken, Apricot and Brie Quesadillas from Closet Cooking
(makes 1 quesadilla)

1/4 cup chicken (cooked and shredded)
1 tablespoon apricot preserves
1 chipotle in adobo sauce (chopped)
1 green onion (sliced)
1 tablespoon cilantro (chopped)
a touch of butter
2 large tortillas
1 apricot (sliced in half, stoned, grilled and thinly sliced)
4 ounces brie (thinly sliced)

1. Mix the chicken, apricot preserves, chipotle in adobo sauce, green onion, cilantro in a large bowl.
2. Melt the butter in a large pan.
3. Place a tortilla into the pan and swirl it around in the butter and set aside.
4. Repeat for the other tortilla and leave it in the pan.
5. Spread the chicken mixture, apricot and brie on the tortilla and top with the other tortilla.
6. Cook until the quesadilla is golden brown on both sides and the cheese is melted.

Tip: Place a plate onto the quesadilla and flipped it from the pan to the plate and then slide it back into the pan to flip the quesadilla.