Devastating, Brutal, Lethal Close Combat System!

How would you like to do the following?

a.   End a fight without fighting?
b.   Put someone to sleep without a choke?
c.   Disappear from a fight like lightning? (He won't know what hit him)
d.   Escape from grappling situations without grappling?
e.   Learn the kill or be killed tactics of the fearsome Israeli Defense Forces soldiers?

In short: GET RID of your enemy in the most devastating and lethal means. Total destruction!

If you think you know Krav Maga from all the youtube videos, TV, DVDs and the instructors giving regular classes or seminars...think again!.

Pure Krav Maga (PKM) is OLD SCHOOL, kill or be killed war born Krav Maga training system

If you see Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Arnis in the Krav Maga you are learning, then you are not learning what the old school war veterans learnt.

Remember, PKM does not consist of extra techniques or mystical forms, or fitness... PKM does NOT boast to have better techniques.

But PKM is the ONLY Krav Maga training system that completes your understanding of real world close combat. It will blow your mind that such a simple system can be so complicated but the complication does not come from the techniques!

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Founder of Pure Krav Maga
Boaz Aviram served as the IDF's Chief instructor for Krav Maga, Israeli Defense Forces training system of Hand to Hand Combat, specializing in teaching the most advanced Krav Maga applications to special operations units, and conducting Krav Maga Instructor's training program certification.

In twenty years of instructing he has taught Krav Maga to sky marshals of the Israel Aviation Authority, as well as to numerous U.S. and European federal and local law enforcement agencies. He is certified by Israel's Wingate National Sports Institute as a Krav Maga Senior Instructor, and a coach.