The Team

Code Head

Justin Shaw
( :: Washington, D.C., USA)

Justin's training is in Mathematics. But lately, he has been enamored with interacting with the "real world." After experimenting briefly with the Basic Stamp and PIC mirco controllers, he came across the Arduino platform and has never looked back.  

"If Arduino can do it, there is no easier way."

DiY Grease Monkey

Anool J M
( :: Mumbai, India)

Engineer by profession (test & measurement + Video Conferencing), dabbler in Astronomy, Origami, Photography, General Tinkering, DiY, and of course Cycling.  He braves the roads and streets daily on his bicycle commute to work, which is quite rare (practically unheard of) in Mumbai.  You can witness his harrowing commute here. 

Somehow, between all of his hobbies and cycling, he manages to discuss and create original Open Source circuit boards and projects. As a master of digital design, Anool is the driving force behind ClockTHREE.

Star Cast #1

(Washington, D.C., USA)

When she is not doing math in the morning (AKA MITM) or assembling electronics, Elizabeth is riding her bike or distance running.  Her favorite magazine is "The New Scientist" which she reads religiously.  She wants to be become a lot of different things including: a microbiologist, a environmental scientist, an endurance runner, and a DiY hacker extrordinaire !

On this project Elizabeth is the spokesperson and she has volunteered to help in any other needed capacity.

(Plus she can't wait to solder up a ClockTHREE)

Star Cast #2

(Washington, D.C., USA)

Emily currently is a student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology where she is studying computer science and circuitry.  In her spare time she loves to read and investigate the wave-particle duality as well as play with super conductivity.  On this project, she has volunteered to help us assemble and test ClockTHREE kits.

Feedback and Free Gyan

(Mumbai, India)

Hearsh is studying for a Computer Engineering Diploma and will be moving to his last (sixth) semester soon. Hearsh loves programming in languages like C++ and Java and likes to build and program robots.

He has volunteered to build one of the clock kits and give us his feedback from a DiY builder's point of view.

Creative Inputs and Awesome Video

Adam Witten
(New York, USA)

Adam lives and works in New York City, where he splits his time
between filmmaking, creative tomfoolery, indulging in geeky hobbies
and doing his chores.

As a filmmaker Adam has made short and experimental films in and around the east coast of the United States. Some of these films found their way into festivals and film markets around the world. It was through his filmmaking that he was introduced to advertising. Having been lucky enough to participate in some very cool campaigns for Converse, Scion and other clients, which blurred the line between content and advertising, Adam continues to be at the vanguard of
advertising and filmmaking.  Adam’s disarming visual style brings an arresting sincerity to his ads and films.


Margaret Shaw
(Cheyenne, WY, USA)

I was born the winter of 1946, after my besainted mother cooked and presented Christmas dinner. 
Too early?

My deal is that I like to be in on cool stuff like ClockThree. They let me toss in the occasional comma.  As a retired junior high/middle school teacher, I enjoy being in the midst of creative activity. The whole point is to try things and have fun, I say.
Right now I am taking a couple of online courses in writing and editing a friend's book about metaphysical principles, not to mention working out a new (for me) way to crochet and trying not to give in to Mahjong Titans all the time.