Project Definition


ClockTHREE is a collaboration between two friends on different sides of the world, Anool in Mumbai, India, and Justin in Washington, D.C., USA.  We previously worked together on the award winning Bar End Brake Light BEBL and also the the SharkFin helmet light.  Our current project is to help manufacture kits for the Open Souce Arduino-Based Full Color Word Clock (OSABFCWC) we call "ClockTHREE" for short.

Those familiar with Evil Mad Science Peggy2 board will recognize the array architecture right away. It was a huge relief to start with a functional design and our hats are off to the the Evil Scientists! In addition to the array we have added a real time clock, light sensor, buzzer, and I2C interfaces for chaining boards horizontally end-to-end. The small squares on the right are pin-compatible breakout boards, dubbed rtcBOB, that are pin-compatible with the Chronodot.
Anool did a beautiful job with the layout and routing, painstakingly adding the myriad traces by hand. We ordered ten boards for our initial run and plan to populate two test boards: one in India and one in the States. If it works as we hope, we will be making it available. If you want to get your hands on one early or have other questions or comments, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

The Purpose (Mission):

  • Open Source Hardware and Software Project (fully hackable)
  • Arduino-based
  • Display Time in Words, in any language (with swappable faceplate)

These are the targets we want to meet:

  • Design the circuit and layout the board 
  • Fabricate an initial lot of trial boards 
  • Populate a couple of boards 
  • Write the code and debug it 
  • Design the faceplate and enclosure 
  • Make kits and boards available


We propose to manufacture an open source Arduino-based RGB LED array we've called "ClockTHREE." The initial application is for a multi-color word clock (like QlockTWO, available for $1200 from, but since the 192 (16x10 + 16x2) LEDs are individually addressable and programmable, this device will support several languages as well as any number of other applications. ClockTHREE is an awesome platform for anyone to explore time and color. Other applications in the works: a sun clock that displays where on the globe the sun is currently shining a la Qlock and a thermometer that tells the temperature with words and color. ClockTHREE can also be used for scrolling text, and maybe even low res color tv! 

Our open source design was inspired by the awesome single color Peggy 2 LED array sold at the very cool EvilMadScience. We are excited to offer ClockTHREE as the first open source RGB array of this size! 

Justin and Anool collaborate during the brief periods when there waking hours over lap which usually turns out to be early morning in DC, and right about quitting time in Mumbai. 

So far we have already completed the initial design, laid out the board, and even fabricated our first ten prototype (ClockTWO) boards. Unfortunately, the holes are too small for the square leads on the LEDs (square pegs!) . We came up with a work-around so that we can still use these boards, but with this defect, they will be a pain for other makers. We still plan to build up a couple of these boards just to test the design, but we would like to modify the design files and do a much larger run so that everyone can make time beautiful.