ClockTHREE Alarms

There are two types of alarm on ClockTHREE: daily and calendar.  The single Daily alarm fires once per day at the designated time when set.  The daily alarm can be set with out connecting ClockTHREE to a computer.  Calendar alarms, of which there are up to 30, are more flexible, but can only be set with a computer.

Installation and execution.
Download latest executable GUI zip file from here.
Unzip to a directory of your choosing.  Open the "dist" directory and with your ClockTHREE plugged into a USB port on your computer, double click on C3_GUI.exe.  If all goes well an interface similar to the one below will appear.

Select the serial port in which ClockTHREE is plugged into from the dropdown menu.  If you have several periferals connected to your computer you may have several guesses to make.  Click the "Connect" button.  You should see the Arduino Time update, "Delta Seconds" computed and all of the Calendar Alarms become activated.  The screen shot above was taken right after a connection was made.

The next thing you should do if you haven't done it manually yet, is to click the "SYNC" button.  This will set the ClockTHREE time to within a second of the computer time.

Python reference time in Greenwich Mean Time.  To convert to local time, you need to specify your local GMT offset, which python guesses at for you.  Please disconnect and reconnect if you change GMT Offset.

The Daily alarm should be self explanitory.  If you are having trouble with it, please leave a comment.  

Calendar Alarms:
When the Date and Time fields are valid, the "Set" button becomes active.  Don't click Set until you have all parameters of the alarm filled out.

Scrollable Text:
Enter text here that you would like to scroll when the alarm fires.

Each alarm can be repeated annually, by day of the week, or every 5 minutes.  Use the key above to configure the repeat fields of the alarm.

To heighten the anticipation, you can have ClockTHREE countdown the hours, minutes, and/or seconds to the event.  The countdown key will assist you in setting these fields.

Set Button:
After all fields for the alarm are set, click the "Set" button.  After a couple of seconds, the alarm fields will be disactivated indicating that the alarm is set.

Clear Button:
Use this button to delete an alarm.

Currently ClockTHREE does not beep.  This field is here to support future functionality.

If the program starts acting in a strange manner, disconnect and restart.