2. rtcBoB / Chronodot

A Real Time Clock chip provides the best possible long term accuracy for the clock. Its possible to mount the required parts directly on the board. Alternatively, you can just plug in the rtcBoB (from Wyolum) or the pin compatible Chronodot from Macetech.


If you intend to just plug in the rowBoB or Chronodot, just install 4 pin male headers CD1 and CD2.

  • CD1, CD2 : 4 pin male headers

If you wish to mount the rtc components directly on the main board, we assume you know how to read a schematic.

  • U6 : DS3231 RTC Chip, SMD
    • NOTE : Be careful while soldering the surface mount IC. The DS3231 is to be mounted on the solder side of the main board. Its orientation must be as shown in the picture.
  • BT1 : Battery Clip for housing the CR2032 lithium battery