3. rtcBoB

rtcBoB performs the time-keeping functions on the ClockTHREE. This "real time clock break out board" is based on the DS3231 rtc chip, and is pin compatible with MaceTech's ChronoDot. But, the rtcBoB uses a standard CR2032 lithium battery, which is replaceable.

rtcBoB for ClockTHREE

rtcBoB is provided fully assembled.

All that is required is a pair of 4-pin male headers to be soldered on to the main C3 board.

Insert the long side of the 4-pin male headers in to the corresponding sockets in the rtcBoB.
Next, insert this assembly in the C3 main board at CD1 and CD2 locations, flip it over, solder one pin on each side.
Check for alignment of the pins, and then solder the remaining pins.

When installing the rtcBoB, ensure it's orientation is correct. Female socket P2 aligns with male header CD2 and female socket P1 aligns with male header CD1.

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