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Featured Module: Rise of Relthane

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Rise of Relthane Release

Welcome to the Cloak & Dagger NWN Modules Page!

Here you can gain access to all the Neverwinter Nights Modules produced by Cloak & Dagger Entertainment.  Some of our modules are developed in conjuction with our affiliate indy game developer, Dragon Studios.


Cloak & Dagger modules are based on the following themes:
-Medieval Fantasy
-Historically Accurate Medieval Scenerios
-Survival Horror

The works of Dan Bull in a Cloak & Dagger Module?

The UK rapper Dan Bull allows for other artists to use his works in their productions, royalty free.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well we've got to do the guy justice and throw some of his songs, and a NWN rendition of Dan himself, into Rise of Relthane.   This is gonna be sweet.

Code of the Assassin:  Previous stand alone adventure will be merged into the Rise of Relthane Project

100 Targets.  1 Massive City.  Will you claim the 1,000,000 gold piece bounty?
If you haven't already guessed, this module was intended to be a NWN tribute to the awesome Assassin's Creed series.
-UPDATE- Code of the Assassin will no longer be a stand alone module, but rather a huge side quest tossed into the already massive Rise of Relthane module.
Headlines (07/06/2013):
-Dragon Studios and Cloak & Dagger are joining forces!  We're in the process of combining our teams into one large group of independent game developers.
-Some of the previously released works of the lyrically talented Dan Bull will be incorporated into Rise of Relthane, turning this project into an even tastier morsel for those NWN fans out there who yearn for new content.  This guy is going to make the game rock even more!
-The Tour of Relthane is a YouTube video that the Cloak & Dagger team is working on.  So far, making the video has been a good deal of fun, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have making it.