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Zen and Druids

A background and degree in Religious Studies conspired with an inherent silliness to produce these. Each kit comes complete with sharp sand, strange and interesting stones (my son's delightful phrase) and a fairly shallow, thick walled bowl with a specially designed lip to avoid sand spillage. I tried little hand made tiny rakes but the best effects were with a cocktail stick and a soft paintbrush.
The stone circle kit features some broken slates rescued from a tiler renovating a beautiful slate roof. But hurry: I can't guarantee a supply.

  Sycamore bowl with pebbles and sand: Satori is entirely up to you and     
From £25                                                                 cannot be guaranteed!

 Larger ash bowl with North Welsh slate and sand: supply your own druid and    From £40                                                                develop your earth energies.Terry Pratchett readers may want to use it as a