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Bowls: The quest for the perfect form.

I believe that every piece of wood, whether it is a specially seasoned and chosen bowl blank, or a chunk of just felled limb, has an optimum form. This will be dependent on size, proportion and thickness, grain figures, imperfections, bark stability, colour and texture. I endeavour to find that form and celebrate the uniqueness of that piece of wood. The following bowls are all between £10 and £50. Some bowls are decorated with mother-of-pearl 
abalone, silver wire or beads: these will be at the upper end of the range.

             Yew (destined for firewood) 

             Hawthorn (stolen from my wife's firewood pile)

             Sycamore trilogy (more of the treehouse) 
             £25 each

             Sycamore (it was a big joist!) 

Yew and silver wire staples repairing a shake 

             Small jewellery bowls with hard wax interior             
             £10 each

             Sycamore with pyrographed edge     


               Sycamore (was once part of a tree house floor)

              Burr elm with bark and silver and mother-of-pearl
              Recycled tropical hardwood cill with silver wire 
              Part of a series featuring stars and constellations.

              Sycamore lace-up pot pourri. 
              Part of a range exploring costume. £ 
              Rippled sycamore. I love using rippled wood 

              More yew, (I love yew). 
              A brutal piece with a highly polished interior.    

              Burr elm with mother-of-pearl and silver wire tea light       

All these bowls are designed to be used, either as pot pourri holders (you can refresh the pot pourri with essential oils) or for fruit or nuts. Small bowls are finished with carnauba wax so can be used for rings, earrings etc. The tea light bowls have silver and other inlaid reflective materials.