Carved ware

Some of my ware is either decorated with carving or simply carved. This is done with hand tools and much of it uses our Celtic heritage as inspiration. Many sources are used, especially the intricate calligraphy of the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells. Other influences come from the stave churches of Norway and Pictish carvings on stone crosses. Work can be done to commission and costs range between £15 to £150 depending on size and complexity of carving.


Bowl in Maple with Pictish carving found on stone cross in Leek, Staffordshire  £75

Green Man in Lime, using only tools and finishes available in 1390.  £75

Celtic carving on small sycamore bowl ( commission )  £65

Small items include paper knives and love spoons for commission: about £15 to £25