The Green Carpenter
Fine craftsmanship with temperate hardwoods and sustainable, organic finishes

Tea light holder in ash, turquoise, amber, silver wire and mother-of-pearl
Yew bowl with silver staples fixing a shake

Needle cases including spools, awls and thimbles

  • I'm a designer/maker of small wooden items which are decorative or functional and occasionally both! All my work shows simplicity of design coupled with attention to detail. This approach highlights the innate beauty of the materials I use. By using semi precious beads and silver wire I celebrate what can be a mundane medium. 

  • Much of my work is a celebration of faults and flaws in the wood. This may be a discolouration, a bark inclusion, burrs, shakes and splits or fungus. I may leave them as they are, or use decoration to draw attention to them. I sometimes effect a mend using silver staples or laces.

  • As a re-enactor of 16th and 18th century society, I am responsive to the needs of others who want finely made artefacts in authentic materials. I've been working closely with fabric workers at Kentwell Hall to produce needle cases, lap looms, embroidery frames, spindles and wool cases.

  • All my work is unique and cannot be replicated. If you really like a piece which has been sold, I can offer something similar, but not identical. I love doing custom pieces and working with a client to share the creative process. Please feel free to contact me to talk about commissions.