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hi all.. to those who don't know me yet i am,

 clive e smith, writer, taoist, warrior, dj,  country music extraordinaire...                

i created these pages 'cause everyone always asks me for stuff... to see my writing and links and websites and books and "poems". i am a writer not a poet. i write when I'm not 'working'.  i consider writing my job/career/calling/fix/love. what i do any other time to earn money is just for money. my

afrikaans writings has me listed as, clive smith and my english writings as  clive e smith. writing is my first love and i guess reading my second.

my dj name:


it's long i know, but i've had it for so long i don't think i will ever change it. even if it started out as a joke many years ago. 

don't forget to tune in to the unhappyhour show on bushradio89.5fm every sunday from 6pm-8pm... to hear those melancholy songs that cures your blues... click on the link below and go to the unhappyhour site and stream it from there.

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this site is my is an extension of myself and therefore riddled with glitches and errors and faults

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