Released: 22 March 1963           Released: 22 November 1963             Released: 10 July 1964                Released: 4 December 1964             Released: 6 August 1965
               Released: 3 December 1965            Released: 5 August 1966                  Released: 1 June 1967               Released: 22 November 1968        Released: 26 September 1969
 Released: 8 May 1970 

The party where we got drunk and laid on our backs in the field was Marion's 21st wasn't it? Or was she getting engaged...  We played at both. I think the drinking episode was the engagement party at the Scout hut.  The 21st was in a hall in North Chingford and we performed a few songs from the new (at the time) Beatles album - "Rubber Soul" that night.  We'd just typed up all the songs and worked out the chords the night before.  We also did a song that we had written especially for them.  Just one of many songs written by that well-respected duo of Wood – Harding  


                                          Words and chords of Drive My Car                                                                                       Our composition for Marion & John 

[AL]  Do you remember the Grey Herringbone trousers; clothing we went for in around 1964? ...and the Dark Blue Jeans, which were graded by weight, and had to be worn in the bath to shrink them into a tight fit?  Yes, now that you've jogged my memory, I do remember the herringbone trousers! We also had a thing for some suede desert boots bought in a flash London store. I think it was something like Ravels and they had a name like telecaster (I know that's the name of a Fender one-pickup guitar) or similar.  [AL]  Maybe "Sportscaster"?

Oh, and tab collared shirts to make your tie stand outwards??? Knitted ties......
[AL] Amazingly, I have found a couple of photographs of us on that night!
Note the the tab collared shirts referred to above - I still like them and must get one someday!  Both of us with the knitted ties. 

And I Love Her

That reminds me of your Mum's Green Hillman with the valve radio....  usually came on by the time you arrived at where you were going.  Yes - I remember going to pick her up from work.  I turned right without looking but the "trafficator arm" failed to raise and light up and a car decided to overtake at that very moment. Big crash. I got round the corner he went straight on. I jumped out, pulled out the trafficator and protested my innocence when the driver of the other car turned up!
We walked up and down these a few times! - Toft Steps

Toft Steps..... blimey still puffs me out to think about them! Bamboo growing up the cliff face. Those kites with the two spinning wheel rotors. Horton's ice cream.  Forgotten about the bamboo. Remember making spears with them now!  I had the kite with the twirly wings as a future topic but can't track down a photo of one anywhere (see pg16).  I know we fancied one but had to make do with rubber rings to throw between us.  Horton's ice cream - had forgotten that!'s%20Ice%20Cream.jpg

Do you remember the time we ran down the cliff path and the path forked into two (with a big prickly gorse bush dividing the two ways)?  I was going way too fast to select either and went over the top, over the retaining wall and landed on the road. I blacked out mid-flight and woke up without a bruise or cut!
Us with my Dad at the end of a Summer’s day.  Note retaining wall (see above!),%20Me%20and%20Mum%20Bournemouth2.jpg
[AL] Almost certainly the same day as above (the stone patterns in the wall are the same so it must be)
for the awkward "putting on our pants one-handed" moment for you and me with Mum watching on!
[AL] Me getting out of the sea at Bournemouth - lovely feeling!
In the early years I'm sure Boscombe pier had a gap in it with a ropeway between to the two halves...presumably WWII bomb damage..or storm?  Yes, I agree. I remember the gap and we were told it was bomb damage (No! - see pg12). 
Do you remember one year in those 60's style concrete beach huts we had a neighbouring family with a cigar-smoking Dad who owned a red Jaguar? They gave us some thick raspberry jam sandwiches one day... and I mean thick!!  Daft what you remember, isn't it? 
 Yes, it was a Mk II 3.8 Jag and he told us he had taken part in the Monte Carlo Rally in it!
                             Left to right - My Mum (Mary/Maisie), Linda, Marion, N/K,                                                                                     L - R; Linda, Marion, N/K, You, Me

                                   Your Mum (Doreen), Nanna, You, N/K, Me, N/K
[AL] You, me and my Mum.  Note towels drying on the bushes and rubber swimming cap!


                                   Left to right - Pamela, Margaret, Me, Brian, Susan, Evelyn, Linda                                              Left to right - Linda, You, Marion, Me, My Dad (Len) 
                                   You, My Mum (Mary/Maisie), Uncle Charles, Your Mum (Doreen)
                   Nanna & me crossing the road in front of Bournemouth Pier                                                            Bournemouth Pier
I seem to remember the fare was 10/6 to Swanage. Four weeks' pocket money!!!!!  
                                            circa 1900                                                    ditto                                                          1955                                                         1959
The smaller blue hulled boat from the Jetty... Matapan????  Yes, yes, yes! The paddle steamer was called "Queen of the Sea" or something like that.  Since found refurbished one called "Waverley".
Matapan!!  Well remembered. I've found a website that covers that
Do you recall the Bournemouth Belle - cream boats that went to the main pier? 

Poole Belle and Matapan at Bournemouth Pier 1930s
French cricket. Your Dad's first portable transistor radio... maroon and grey with opening lid.  Smell of Bournemouth sand... it's quite distinctive from other places...don't know why.  Yes - I can conjure up the smell of the sand right now and you're right. Can't recall the make of the portable radio (Pye?) and can't find any photos. The lid had a little pressed metal gold clasp and when you lifted the lid you could slide it off to the right (see pg8).
                                 OK - what was the make of the radio in the lounge that Pop                                   Also, the little Bush TV in the lounge?
                         twiddled with and eventually got the Archers (come on Mum - it's on!)? 

The TV was a Bush and the radio I think though those pictures aren't quite the right models......I'll see if I can find them.  Could only get BBC on the TV......Popeye on Thursdays 5.25.... 
I'll try to come up with the next list of memories!!
[AL] Halcyon days - here on top of Bournemouth's East Cliff, us with Nanna and Marion
Have you, by any chance, got the little 3-inch reel to reel tape that we had of us singing about four songs? Along the same lines, do you recall taking our guitars to Bournemouth one evening and playing on the beach and when we turned around a crowd had gathered!  I do remember playing on the beach that evening...  I think that was the time we walked to Bournemouth to save the bus fare.  Don’t think I've got the reel to reel tape anymore.....  Might be deep in the loft. 
                                                                                                                                                               Linda and Marion

That would have been after the blokes who were employed to clear away the deck chairs had done their act - one guy on the sand throwing each chair up to the other on the top of the sea wall - all done in one fluid movement!   Another game at the beach - throwing the ball at the penny on the road!  Green and white striped lilos. Also "Water-Wings".  Playing with our buses in the sand - much earlier.   The house on the way to Toft steps that smelt/smelled of stale clothes - really strong smell!  Yes, and I remember the smelly house on the cliff top towards Boscombe...I think we thought it was a whore house... more likely a Chinese Laundry.                     
                     [AL] White and green water wings!  Sandbanks?                                                                       [AL] Taken between the pier and the first jetty
              Certainly same location as Clive and Trevor on home page                                                        Note Matapan and Bournemouth Belle in background
                                 I'm just visible in the background          
                                                           [AL] Linda and Marion posing!                         [AL] Nanna and Pop suitably dressed for a British Summer on Bournemouth Promenade 

 Here are some of the hand-written song sheets, original compositions and a music chord book.

Every Night

 Another original (untitled!)
Yes. I remember all those things.....  
Whose game was it to put a 10p (2/-) coin on the promenade and wait to see how long it was before a passerby picked it up... one of the Mitchells I think?  One day it lasted about 2 minutes.  Must have been a recession that year.  I can't imagine we would have put a 2/- coin (a florin) on the prom'.  Maybe a shilling or sixpence (but that would have been too small!).
  [AL] By this date the Farthing had been withdrawn
I think the "E" and the "S" before the word "Shilling" stands for "English" and "Scottish"
Imagining that it was sewage that came out of those pipes on the stone slopes down to the beach. Laurel and Hardy tune comes to mind.  I think we'll have to try and put some chronological order to these events......   

It's great to receive (and send) these emails but I don't want it to become a chore either and I am conscious that I have a bit more time available being retired.  So maybe I should slow things down a bit. Let me know what you think. However I will reply to this one:- It would be really good to listen to (and transfer the stuff to iTunes from) that reel to reel tape so try to find it when you're next up there!!

Pretty sure I haven't got the reel to reel recordings of us... I think I've searched the tapes before... probably over-recorded yonks ago. That's a shame.  

[AL] I will seek out that tape, promise. The delay is because the two accessible parts of our loft consist of small triangular sections down either side of the roof (because of the two rooms in the roof) and the only way to store anything is to crawl through commando style and fill the space from one end to the other. To find anything it requires a complete empty out into the bedroom to get to the other end and needless to say the tape(s) and recorder are somewhere down the other end! I did listen to the 3" tape about 10 years ago and don't think I found any guitar stuff either by me or us otherwise I'd remember it. But I have to say after all this time, I can't be 100% sure..............! - later - 

Oh and got the tape recorder going...and...  

You are teasing me with your ...  

Sorry couldn't resist it! Expect you've guessed I have found the tape! You tyke (as they would have said)! So have you been able to listen to it or not? Yes. Had to make the tape recorder work first. Don't think much of my singing, but the potential is there! The sound quality is ok for 45 years in a cupboard. Wowee! That's incredible. I guess they were made in '65 which makes them nearly 50 years old. 

Just to let you know the tape is on its way. Fantastic. Then, after fixing one of my tape recorders - I think we sound pretty damn fine considering our equipment (Spanish fret-boarded guitars that were difficult to hold down the strings on and one poxy little mic'). I am amazed with the sound quality after all these years. I noticed the speaker socket on the Philips is of some weird design so I will have to cobble some wiring to get a signal from it and will then try to record onto a cassette and from there to the computer for a clean-up.

(Many days later after I had managed to solve numerous electrical faults with the deck) These are the five tracks, after being processed, which when combined, last 11 minutes before the tape runs out! 

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Things We Said Today

It's Only Love

And I Love Her

I'll Follow the Sun

[AL] Unfortunately, the photographer missed the "penny" being aimed at!  My Dad had written "Toft Steps - Ten Twenty" on this slide.  
Does Ten Twenty ring any bells with you as the name we gave that game? 
                                                                               Bush 24 TV                                                                                   Bush AC34 Radio
As far as the TV and Radio was concerned I think they started with the one I sent (TV 22) but upgraded to this (Bush 24).  Was this the radio? I think you're right, the previous one was wrong.  I also think you're right with the name Squires for the hardware store...