Band Bio

The Clip On Ties is an alternative rock band local to Rochester Minnesota.  Imagine two trains, one called The Killers and the other called The Fray, smashing together at high speed exactly where Bono is tied to the tracks.  Nick greases the track, Michael and Jahi drive the trains, Sam ties Bono on the tracks, and Jacob takes pictures.  In other words, the band's sound is a mixture of The Killers, The Fray, and U2.  The Clip On Ties is known locally for it's high spirited shows and, of course, its clip on ties.  Fronted by Sam Weigel, the five piece band draws in its audience with soaring melodies and driving piano, the lets loose a barrage of crazed guitar and pounding rhythm to lift them off their feet.  Their classic/alternative rock sound appeals to a diverse audience, leaving everyone wanting more.

Individual Bios

          Sam Weigel (Vocals)

Sam Weigel fronts the Clip On Ties.  He has had plenty of stage experience, including singing in the band for 3 years, singing in numerous choirs, and cantoring at religious gatherings. Sam is the chief writer of all the bands music, and is planning on recording an original CD this summer with the band.

Nick DiCecco (Guitar)

Nick has been playing guitar for 3 years now, and has played at a variety of venues, from rock to jazz.  His playing style is a mixture of an alternative style and a classic rock style.

Michael Nowakowski (Bass Guitar)

Michael has been playing bass for 3 years, right alongside Nick.  He has also played a variety of styles, from rock to jazz to liturgical music.  His style is a mix of alternative and funk.

Jacob Nordman (Keyboards)

Jacob brings a unique musical knowledge to the Clip On Ties.  He has written a variety of musical numbers, from jazz to liturgical music.  He is a paid musician at local churches.

Jahi Moore

Jahi is the oldest member of the Clip On Ties, and he is our anchor.  Jahi has been playing drums for as long as any of us can remember, and has played percussion in a variety of settings, from jazz to rock to marching band.

    The Fray
    The Killers