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Starting at the nursery
For all children joining the nursery, our initial emphasis is to make them feel secure, loved and happy. To assist with this process, each child is allocated a member of staff as their designated ‘key person’ who forms a special relationship with the child and their parents/carers. The security provided by this relationship is, we feel, essential for all new children.

It is important that a parent or carer accompanies all children on their first few sessions at the nursery. (Please see our settling in policy.) Once the children have become secure in their new surroundings, the staff can encourage the formation of friendships, the development of social behaviour and independence, and learning and discovering activities.

We would greatly appreciate it if we could be informed of any likely absence from nursery in advance. If absence is due to illness please try to notify us as soon as possible.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to care for any sick children at nursery. If your child is showing signs of any contagious illness they should be kept at home until they have fully recovered. Should a child develop an illness whilst at nursery we will contact the parent/carer to arrange collection.

Medicines can be administered at nursery provided a medical practitioner has prescribed them, they have the original prescription label on and written permission has been given by the parent/carer.