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Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity, discovery and involvement in activities, set at the correct level for their individual capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must also be met and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children. A happy, loving atmosphere with plenty of cuddles allows a child to develop his or her true potential. We pride ourselves on creating a secure and happy environment to allow the children to be responsive to the opportunities for emotional, social and cognitive development.  We begin a gradual introduction to more structured learning as soon as we feel each child is ready to do so.

Within the nursery we make sure each child is treated as an individual, with equal opportunities. We see each child as a whole, not simply as an under 2, a 2-3 or 3-4 year old. Therefore within our planning we will be guided by each individual child, with their choices and interests being the basis for this, to develop them to their full potential. The children are not pressurised because learning should be fun, children have absorbent minds, a natural curiosity and lots of enthusiasm for learning and we will help them to channel these energies.

To achieve a high standard of childcare within the nursery all staff will update and further their knowledge through continuous training. Children like to feel that they have one or two ‘special people’ who not only know and understand them, but can also comfort them when they need it. At Clip Clop Day Nursery these ‘special people’ are called “key persons.”

In addition we naturally give high priority to the health and safety of the children, including the highest standards of hygiene, particularly in our kitchen and toilets, whilst also ensuring we have a qualified first aider on the premises at all times.