Welcome to Caroline's "CLIP and CUDDLES" Inner Sydney Mobile Dog Grooming service!
Caroline will groom your best friend at your home to ensure your doggie is comfortable and stress-free by being in familiar surroundigns with family nearby.
By providing this very personal and affectionate experience, doggies remain happy and relaxed  and always greet Caroline with a big smile on her next visit.
Her gentle and loving manner is especially welcomed by senior or sensitive dogs.
"Caroline has been grooming in a volunteer capacity for DoggieRescue since July 2003. She has amazing skills to calm a nervous dog and has exceptional ability with rescue dogs who often have never been groomed before. Caroline uses gentle patient techniques as she understands that dogs cannot be rushed.

Caroline has a flair for style and makes each dog look individual. She attends to detail and ensures that ear cleaning, nail trimming, eye checks come as part of routine work. She will often comment on any other issues the dog might have that need attention"

Monika Biernacki, CEO of Doggie Rescue