Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips. (Note: while Google Earth is a free program, the application must be downloaded to your computer.)
  • Fly to your house. Just type in an address, press Search, and you’ll zoom right in.
  • Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
  • Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, or look up to explore the sky
  • Save and share your searches and favorites.
  • Google Earth Users Guide
  • Google Earth Learn - Video Tutorials
  • Explore the world in 3D from anywhere.

  • Desktop

    Full-featured access to Google Earth

  • Earth in Google Maps

    3D maps in your browser

  • Mobile

    Google Earth in the palm of your hand


Classroom Application and Integration

Video Tutorials

Click here to access video tutorials for everything Google Earth

Basic Tutorials & Tips
View videos and tutorials on how to use Google Earth and check out a seven-level Interactive game to help teach the basics to your students.

Google Earth Lesson Plans
Find lesson plans for many grades and subjects, or submit your own!

Google Earth for My Class
Get ideas on how Google Earth can help with your specific subject. 
Learn how to apply for a Google Earth Pro Grant

Student Created Showcase!
See some great examples of student work created in Google Earth

New! in Earth 5.0

See global changes with decades of historic imagery

  • If you've ever wondered how your neighborhood has changed throughout time, Google Earth now gives you access to the past. With a simple click, check out suburban sprawl, melting ice caps, coastal erosion, and more.

Dive beneath the surface of the ocean

  • In the new ocean layer, you can plunge all the way to the floor of the sea, view exclusive content from partners like BBC and National Geographic, and explore 3D shipwrecks like the Titanic.

Track and share your paths with others

  • Take placemarks a step further and record a free-form tour in Google Earth. Simply turn on the touring feature, press record, and see the world. You can even add a soundtrack or narration to personalize the journey.

Google Earth 5.0 Intro

Historical Imagery Feature

  • View your neighborhood, home town, and other familiar places and see how they've changed over time
  • See the impact of recent trends like suburban sprawl or global warming
  • Set the length of time and exact location that you want to see

Historical Imagery Features

Explore the Ocean

  • Dive beneath the surface and visit the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench
  • Explore the ocean with top marine experts, including National Geographic
  • Learn about ocean observations, climate change, and endangered species
  • Discover new places including surf, dive, and travel hotspots and shipwrecks

Explore the Ocean

Record Your Tour

  • Capture your navigation through Google Earth in real-time, without using placemarks
  • Narrate your virtual journey and share it with friends
  • Save tours and trips so you can reuse and revisit them in the future

Record Your Tour Feature

Mars Simulation

Mars Simulation

Features in Google Earth 4.3

New Google Earth Features

Navigating the Globe

Navigating the Globe

Placemarks in Google Earth

Placemarks in Google Earth

Searching in Google Earth

Searching for Locations

Obtaining Latitude and Longitude Locations in Google Earth

Latitude and Longitude

Geotagging Picasa Photos in Google Earth


 Educators can get Google Earth Pro for FREE!

You have to download the PRO trial verion from, then forward the answers to the following questions to GEED[at]
  1. Your name (key contact person)
  2. Organization / Institution
  3. A brief description of the Institution / Organization
  4. Full mailing address
  5. Telephone number
  6. User name (complete email address that will be assigned to the license key)
  7. Institution’s web address
  8. Your Institution’s Tax ID (if applicable)
  9. Your Institution’s 501©3 number (US only, if applicable)
  10. A description of the intended application including grade level(s), discipline(s) or subject.
  11. What features in Google Earth Pro are important to you and how do you wish to use them in your classroom.
  12. Number of computers you are requesting to download this software on.
  13. Prior license key information.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants are required to download the free, 7-day trial version of Google Earth Pro at before applying. Please be sure to include your Google Earth trial account user name and license key above.


Ancient Rome 3D Layer

Ancient Rome 3D Layer

Google Earth for iPhone or iPod Touch

Google Earth for iPhone and iPod Touch

Google Earth Sky

Google Earth Sky

Google Building Maker

Building Maker is a 3D modeling tool for adding buildings to Google Earth. It's fun to use, and an easy way to get on the 3D map. Here's how it works:

  • Select a city from around the world.
  • Make a building with photos we provide.
  • Save your building and it will be reviewed.
  • See your 3D building in Google Earth!
NOTE: RIght now Chrome for Mac is not a supported browser for Building Maker -- Jan. 24, 2010

Google Building Maker 
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