Google Apps

Google Apps

After reviewing the entire training course, an individual will have a solid understanding of all the products in the Google Apps suite. Learning objectives include:
    • Customize Google Apps for your school
    • Organize your email more effectively
    • Create shared calendars for your school 
    • Collaborate with others, online, on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
    • Deliver and collect surveys, quizzes, and feedback 
    • Develop a media-rich website without looking at code
    • Set-up an internal video portal just for your school 

Demonstrate your expertise at helping schools make the most of Google Apps by joining the Google Apps for Education Certification program. Certified Trainers and Partners are recognized by Google as having proven expertise and experience in delivering high-quality teacher training and professional development course materials to schools of all sizes.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps Overview

Google Apps brings together essential services to help your business, school, group or family communicate and collaborate more effectively.
  • These services are powerful, easy to set up, require little-to-no maintenance, and are available for free.
  • Everything is unified by the Start Page, a central place for you and other users to preview your inboxes and calendars, access essential content, and search the web.

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Reasons to Use Google Apps Education Edition

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1. Students will love you for it

Schools tells us that when they ask their students what email they'd prefer, they overwhelmingly say Gmail.

"Our students approached us about a year ago, saying that we needed to improve our email and collaboration services. We actually had our student government tell us, 'we want you to implement Google Apps.'" - Wendy Woodward, Director of Technology Support Services, Northwestern University

2. Free up your IT

Focus your IT on activities that add value instead of worrying about the uptime of your email services.

"Google Apps has allowed us to get out of providing these commodity type services - such as maintaining an email and calendaring system - and focus on the things that we are uniquely equipped to do, like providing more resources to be able to better support teaching, learning and research." - Todd Sutton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Application Services, UNC Greensboro

3. Easy to deploy

No software to install, no hardware to buy, just validate your MX records and create your accounts to get started. To integrate with what you already have, we work with open standards, have created a multitude of APIs, can point you to open source solutions for common integrations, and have approved partners with experience deploying Apps in schools.

"After struggling for several months to try to implement an alternative web hosted e-mail solution, we eventually turned to Google Apps which we were able to get up and running within a matter of hours" - Jhonny Oliveira, IT Manager, University of Lisbon

4. Save money

Outsourcing the maintenance of servers to Google frees up resources that would have been spent on additional licenses and upgrades.

"This helped our IT staff understand that their focus should be on strategic enterprise solutions to help us reach our educational objectives, not just overseeing commodities like email. Had we not gone with the Google solution, we'd be looking at proposing a significant increase in student fees. " - Eric Hawley, Utah State University Associate Vice President for Technology

5. You're not alone

Thousands of Universities are using Google Apps and are happy to talk about it. Talk to other customers on our Google Apps Education Edition community group or read and watch our customer case studies.

6. Google protects your privacy

We take privacy very seriously. Our business is built on our users' trust: trust in our ability to properly secure your data and our commitment to respect the privacy of the information you place in our systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately. More specifically, read our FAQ on privacy, visit our Privacy Center, and review how we've handled challenges to users' privacy in the past.

7. Security as powerful as... well, Google

The security that is provided to Google Apps customers is the same security that we rely on to protect In addition, we run our company on Google Apps

"We're confident that Apps can meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises, because we're one ourselves. Google is a complex, global company in a fast-moving and competitive industry, and everything we do is powered by Apps. To get that kind of adoption here, it means Apps has passed a daunting bar for Enterprise suitability. If it can work for us, surely it can work for you, too." - Ben Fried, CIO and Vice President of Engineering, Google.

8. Innovation in real-time

What better way to prepare your students for the newest technology in the workplace, then by giving it to them as a part of their education?

"The response from the university community has been extremely positive because we are now partnering with cutting-edge technologists who understand that we're trying to provide the latest, most innovative technologies available today." - Roy B. Roberti, Director of Information Technology Planning, Hofstra University

9. Collaborate globally

Google Docs, our word processing application, doesn't just give you access to the same document, it actually allow students to work on the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world.

"Collaborative projects really make for an excellent education experience not only because students bounce ideas off each other and improve each other's writing skils, but also because the process itself teaches them how to work well with others - a valuable skill for everyone." - Richard Ellwood, Technology Coordinator and Digital Arts Teacher, Columbia Secondary School

10. We've got your back

Need help? We're here to help you when you need it either through our Help Center, our Education Edition customer group, or directly through the phone and email contact information provided in your administrator dashboard.

Getting Started with Google Apps

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