How to Create a Blog with Blogger

How to Create a Blog With Blogger

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Using Blogger

Maximize Your Blog

  • Register your blog with Feedburner to make it easier for readers to subscribe to your blog and for you to track subscription and use statistics.
  • Make your blog accessible to a wider audience by installing a text-to-audio option with a Blogbard widget and the Google Translate widget.
  • Make it easy to search your blog by creating and installing a Google Custom Search Engine widget.
  • Broadcast your online footprint by creating a digital business card with Retaggr and embedding the widget on your blog. 
  • Use the Forms feature in Google Docs to create a Contact Us form to post on your blog to make it easy for your readers to contact you.  Click here for some sample templates to use.
  • Track who is accessing your blog by registering with ClustrMaps and FeedJit and embedding the widgets on your blog.
  • Share what you find interesting from the feeds in your Google Reader with you blog audience by installing a Cliproll to your blog.  (Use those instructions for publishing a blogroll to your blog so that your audience can see where you learn.)

Blogger in Action

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Jennifer Dorman,
Dec 4, 2008, 4:03 PM