If you are a non-profit, charity or volunteer organization and need an informal map for a document or a brochure, website, etc., please contact me for free contribution.

Where to find an office, How to get from a school to a playground, or the path of a 5K
Map of participants in a community program, also by characteristic like age and heat maps
The area and space of a newspaper or flyer distribution
Places where your organization has volunteered
Which states/companies are the most active with your organization
Optimal site location analysis
Demographic/census statistics

These are just examples...for other ideas, we can probably find a solution.

Do I need data?
Yes and no. I can access publicly available data, like roads, city, county, state... (any political) boundaries, U.S. Census demographic data, or EuroStat data, etc., or an online dataset (say the Universities in Massachusetts -- ).
If you have points you'd like to map from your own data list, I can take them right from Excel, or other text format, like a list pasted into an email. There should be an address, or another Geographic identifier ("state"), on your list, so I can map it.

If I have other questions or to get started?

Contact clio at

Past volunteer work has included mapping student newspaper participants, museum exhibit maps, historical maps for dissertation/theses, high school program participants, and others.