Clio Andris
Assistant Professor of GIScience at Penn State  (Fig. 1)
Department of Geography, 302 Walker Building, University Park PA 16802 [website]
clio@psu.edu | clio.andris@gmail.com | twitter @urbanclio 

Research interests:
--Social flows (geolocated phone calls, online friendships, commuting, remittances, migration...)
--Social networks in geographic space
--Interpersonal relationships & AI
--Institutions in geography (universities, governments, military, prison systems..)

--Urban Planning

Current applications:
--Mentorship programs in Santa Fe, NM
--Telephone calls in Africa
--U.S. Congress 1949-2012
--U.S. Intercollegiate NCAA sports teams
--Commuting in Singapore
--Migration flow patterns of U.S. Rust Belt cities
--Telephone call flows in the U.K.
--Interpersonal relationship geography from surveys in Georgia
Mapping Social Capital and Facebook Contacts

Figure 1: I exist.

Postdocs: Los Alamos National Lab (visitor), Santa Fe Institute, MIT, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)
PhD Urban Information Systems (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011)
MS Geography (Univ. South Carolina, 2008)
BA American Studies, Minor: Geography (Boston University, 2007)