Slaughter Productions

Strawbale Hobbit House

an off-the-grid, sustainably and environmentally friendly accessory house concept 


Current plans to incorporate:

  • Strawbale construction - with an R-value of 35-65, strawbale provides amazing insulation and markedly decreases heating and cooling costs.  The problem thus far is with 36" thick walls, internal square footage for a small house is reduced if external dimensions are used for permit purposes.  
  • Solar Water Heater - hot water for showers, sinks, and for radiant floor heating will be from a single panel, possibly augmented by a small on-demand electric water heater.
  • Solar Power - off-the-grid 12V with 120V inverters or house-wide 120V.  battery energy storage, possibly with sell-back option to PG&E (not likely - see my blog on my experiences with PG&E renewables
  • Composting toilet
  • Greywater filtration system - greywater will be filtered, collected, and used for garden irrigation.
  •  Rainwater cachement system -  water collection and storage for irrigation, will incorporate a reverse-osmosis filtration system for processing into potable water.



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Strawbale Hobbit House

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