Global Warming and Peak Oil Information

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In the United States, we use over 20 million barrels of oil per day, over 7 billion barrels per year, importing more than half of this volume from Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and other oil-producing states.   

In purchasing this oil from other parts of the world we put billions of dollars per year into the hands of oil shieks, outdated theocratic rulerships, radical Islamic militants, and even terrorists.  The pursuit of this oil has many costs, including the billions of American tax dollars spent on a war that is largely political in order to secure our access to this resource.  Already unstable, any breakdown in the current oil economy will lead to skyrocketing fuel prices for Americans.  Even the experts within the oil industry predict "peak oil", that is, the highest possible global oil production, to come anywhere within the next 10-50 years.  After that point the maximum amount of oil that we can pump out of the ground will decline despite the growing demand for  oil for energy, plastics, gasoline, jet fuel, and the many other uses for petroleum.  This is a second major reason for a fuel cost spike, that will hit our economy terribly, from which we may not ever recover.  

A second major global crisis that is intimatley intertwined with energy is climate change.  The latest data suggests that the polar ice caps are melting even faster than previously predicted, leading to erratic weather patterns, severe droughts and floods, and rising sea levels.  If our current energy consumption continues to grow as predicted, we will have set the stage for severe natural disasters displacing millions of people from their homes, killing and unestimateable number of humans and animal species, costing billions of relief dollars, as well as costing more than 5% per year of global economic growth indefinitely.  These two issues go hand in hand - our voracious appetite for energy requires the burning of more and more fossil fuels which in turn leads to more of the CO2 emissions that cause global warming.  This is not supposition and it is not theory.  it is fact.  There are many resources to support these estimates and projections from leading politicians, economists, climate experts, geologists, and other experts in their fields.

What this means is that this energy crisis will occur within many of our lifetimes and all of our children's lifetimes.  We cannot leave the downfall of our civilization and the scarring of our globe as a legacy to our next generation.  do not take the media's word, or my word for that matter, research it for yourself so you can understand the dire posistion of these crises. 

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