Clinton Zirk's CV

Clinton Zirk (027)777 8061


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with distinction – The University of Victoria, Canada               2007

Career Highlights

Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University – Canberra, Australia               2012-2015


Ensured projects stayed on budget and had sufficient funding to continue for the forecasted time frames

Key Achievements:

       Self taught the basics of the University’s accounting system and achieved high quality results

       Demonstrated a close eye for detail and precision as well as the ability to work without supervision

       Created reports in Microsoft Word and Excel. Used Outlook to keep calendar of upcoming projects Online Inc. – Victoria, Canada                                                                                  2008-2015


Worked for British Columbia’s leading travel website as the accounts manager, helped grow the company through regular telephone and email contact with existing clients as well as developing new business

Key Achievements:

       Worked independently and increased revenue at greater than ten percent per year

       Originally part time position was upgraded to full time and promoted based on problem solving skills and initiative displayed in developing new programs  

       Worked with a drupal database to maintain the company’s backend

       Used Photoshop to create and improve digital advertisements

       Worked on Search Engine Optimizations projects

       Assisted clients with running social media outreach

Shoe Clinic  – Wellington, New Zealand 2016-Present


Worked for New Zealand’s preminent Running Retailer 

Key Achievements:

Repeatedly recognized for providing superior customer service.

Worked closely with a varied team to be part of a winning environment.

Used pressure monitors and force sensors to ensure customers had the best technical footwear available to them.

Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University – Canberra, Australia               2012-2016


Installed and serviced seismic arrays throughout remote and regional Australia

Key Achievements:

       Serviced earthquake recording instruments in remote locations with limited assets and no supervision

       Assisted in the planning of trips including scheduling and booking accommodations

       Contacted landholders and traditional owners to assure access to properties

       Built important and lasting relationships with Professors, researchers, technicians and traditional landholders

Education First International Language Training – Shenzhen, China                                             2007-2008


Taught English as a second language to native Chinese speakers.  Students ranged in age from 18 through 65, including business leaders, entrepreneurs and retirees

Key Achievements:

       Promoted to senior teacher with supervisory responsibilities within 6 months of arrival

       Taught 30 students per class using Powerpoint presentations I prepared

       Acted as assistant supervisor of 18 staff members and replaced the direct supervisor in his absence

       Recognized as being an “ideas person” and invited to participate in strategic planning meetings throughout the region to help develop new and improve existing programs

       Worked with new local and foreign staff to foster cultural sensitivity and understanding

Thrifty Foods – Victoria, Canada                                                                                                1997-2007


Worked for a large grocery store chain in a number of positions, culminating in the management of an entire department.

Key Achievements:

       Assumed role of department manager for 7 months in his absence; with minimal support and guidance, managed to exceed profit targets and improve margins

       Directly supervised a staff of 5 and managed an annual budget of $500,000

       Promoted ahead of more experienced staff, due to leadership qualities and work ethic


Professional Experience

Program Development and Stakeholder Consultation

       Monitored program effectiveness and presented recommendations to enhance program outcomes

       Coordinated short-, medium-, and long-term program planning

       Led and managed collaborative meetings to encourage interaction between stakeholders

       Consulted with stakeholders to exchange information, address issues and improve outcomes

Presentations, Liaison and Instruction

       Organised and led team building as well as team training events for staff

       Maintained effective inter- and intra-company relations built on respect and trust, including problem solving and responding to critical incidents

       Led weekly communications with varied teams to ensure maximum efficiency of all departments

Leadership, Management and Accounting

       Recruited, hired, trained, scheduled and mentored new staff members in two companies

       Developed financial forecasts and quarterly budgets, and managed inventory

       Led an entire department to be recognized for exemplary service

       Commended for the ability to quickly and calmly find solutions in difficult situations